Monthly Archives: August 2014

Curren$y – Saturday Night Car Tunes EP Review

Curren$y has released four solo studio albums, four collaborative studio albums and twenty-one mixtapes since 2004. He is a productive entertainer, constantly in the public eye and frequently featured on songs by other artists. He appears on “Don’t Shoot,” the Michael Brown memorial song, and over the past few years he has done joint projects […]

G-Unit – The Beauty of Independence Review

Hey, so G-Unit got back together. Who cares? Fuck, it’s 2014 for crying out loud. It’s been 45 years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. How far we have come in those interceding years? Not too far, judging by the six tracks on this “surprise EP” from the group that managed to¬†go platinum many […]

An Introduction to Ty Dolla Sign

I tried to ignore it for as long as I could. The murmurs drifting ceaselessly through narrow corridors assailed my senses but I did not yield. The high waters pummelled the levee but it did not break. Sun filtered through darkened skylights yet would not illuminate the writing on the wall. Then, despite all efforts, […]

Eight Mixtapes You Might Have Missed From Summer 2014

Halfway through the month of August it has become apparent that summer is almost over. People prepare to go back to school, back to work, back home after the sunny days and starry nights are behind them. As you prepare for what Autumn has in store, take a minute to check out these easily overlooked […]

Lucki Eck$ – Body High Review

When we scrutinize the elements of hip-hop which today are considered commonplace, there are often surprises to be found in deconstructing and re-building the template. The studies performed by MC 900 Ft. Jesus decades ago still hold up well against modern compositions such as those by 13 & God, and the hardline variations of B […]

Joey Fatts – Chipper Jones Vol. 3 Review

Joey Fatts isn’t as well known as his fellow Cutthroat Boyz members Vince Staples, currently on tour with Audio Push and Skeme, or A$ton Matthews, whose Aston 3:16 mixtape was released earlier this year to some acclaim. Vince received a lot of early attention from his collaborations with Odd Future members Earl Sweatshirt and Mike […]