Monthly Archives: September 2014

Electric Wizard – Time To Die Review

It’s hard to see through smoke, but it seems a great medium for sound to pass through. Dorset based doom metal band Electric Wizard are currently leading the world in research into this phenomenon, and their eighth studio album Time To Die is one of their most compelling studies yet. This band loves marijuana, a […]

Ten Great 2014 Releases (That Aren’t Hip-Hop)

Cigars are often reviewed in thirds, and the final third of the cigar is “when the smoke is at its strongest.” 2014 has been a pungent, full-bodied Churchill and each drag has been stimulating and rewarding. In anticipation of the next four months’ coming releases, including the hotly anticipated Aphex Twin comeback and the Shady […]

Gucci Mane – Brick Factory Vol. 2 Review

Brick Factory Vol. 2 is, as the title suggests, the second volume in a series which began earlier this year with the release of Brick Factory Vol. 1. The first installment came loaded with fifteen songs showcasing Brick Squad boys Peewee Longway, Young Dolph and Young Thug, as well as Migos, Yo Gotti, Rich Homie […]