Curren$y – More Saturday Night Car Tunes EP Review

It’s been just over a month since Curren$y released Saturday Night Car Tunes, a free mixtape EP that gave a glimpse at what Spitta Andretti’s up to these days. In short, he’s doing the same things he’s been doing; writing rap songs about smoking weed, working with Wiz Khalifa and promoting the flashiness of the high life. It wasn’t a memorable release.

It’s now October, and as the leaves on the trees changes color and fall gently to the Earth, Curren$y has rolled through with More Saturday Night Car Tunes, a follow-up to late August’s mixtape and a musical extension of the themes and ideas he was working with on the earlier EP. I’m curious why Curren$y didn’t just combine these two brief little releases into one longer mixtape. This installment doesn’t even break twenty minutes; many people will still be working through their white grape wrapped blunt by the time it ends. As I discussed in my review for the first volume, Curren$y has done well working in the mixtape EP format, but it seems a little unnecessary in this case.

Honestly, the whole mixtape feels unnecessary. The intro track explains a little bit about why this EP has been produced, but leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The listener is left without any new information about, for instance, the release dates of Curren$y’s upcoming projects, the status of things in his personal life, any clear image into the actual human behind this music. It’s just another call to arms for the marijuana smoking public, or at least whatever micro-niche demographic Curren$y thinks he makes music for. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you who he expects to listen to this.

The ubiquitous Wiz Khalifa guest verse appears on “Countin’ Money,” another generic weed-and-money rap pressed from the same dough as countless other Wiz/Curren$y tracks using the same cookie cutter since day one, now rusted and grimy and in need of maintenance. It is followed by “Money Shot,” in which Mac Miller hops on the first verse and delivers a few modestly enjoyable bars. I had written off Mac Miller for a long time, associating him with the new school of pop rap alongside Shwayze, Dean’s List and Chiddy Bang, but in the past couple years I’ve come to appreciate him more. He did a great job producing Stolen Youth for Vince Staples under the Larry Fisherman pseudonym, his Delusional Thomas mixtape was fresh and exciting, and Faces was a huge success.

Curren$y is a formidable rapper, and he excels over the jazzy beats of “Champagne Reign” and “Callin.” He makes shoutouts to the Beats Pill and describes the varieties of marijuana he consumes, does an inventory of his jewelry collection and explains his life on the streets. For the most part, these are topics he has pretty thoroughly explored; no new territory is ventured into on this mixtape. He even does his non-lyrical singing thing on most of the songs. This motif of his work isn’t as interesting as Smoke DZA’s “riiiiiiight” or Freddie Gibbs’s “fa sho,” but he thinks it sounds cool and he does it often.

Joey Fatts produced a couple beats for this, and they sound good. Beyond that, I can’t say there’s anything really noteworthy or praise-deserving on this EP. It’s by-the-book, and Curren$y plays it safe. I hope his upcoming studio album is more creative and innovative.


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