SpaceGhostPurrp – Money Mendoza EP Review


SpaceGhostPurrp can release a mixtape without making a big deal out of it. Two weeks ago, his three-track Dark Angel Project Part 1 EP was discretely released on Bandcamp (a steal at $10 for a digital download), and now we enjoy the privilege of downloading the new Money Mendoza EP entirely for free. According to Muney Jordan himself, this is an “underground freestyle tape” which consists of five short songs with new beats and verses.

Five tracks is enough to take in a lot of Purrp. Raider Klan was once a driving force in the cloud rap scene, making a name for themselves in the wake of Main Attrakionz’s rise to fame. This EP coaxes out a good amount of that familiar sound from previous SGP tapes like NASA The Mixtape and Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 (1991). “Boss Talk” is the best track here. The beat has a bass-heavy trap feel, with hi-hats rolling over haunting organ chords and a distorted sound bite that could be a chainsaw revving or a person moaning. Purrp is on point with his delivery, nailing each verse with quickness and clarity.

“Follow Tha Leadah” is also good, and having two good tracks on the same SpaceGhostPurrp tape is wonderful. “Hypnotize” and “Who Is He” are on the weaker end of the spectrum, although not as absolutely terrible as closing song “3000 Euros.” “3000 Euros” has a repetitive beat with a distracting vocal sample, annoying synthesizers and vocals that sound like they were recorded on a cellphone and played back to be recorded onto a second cellphone. Max B sounded better calling from prison.

It’s under fourteen minutes long, so it seems fitting for Purrp to call it a “single.” Thinking of it that way, this single has a good A-Side/B-Side ratio, and isn’t too ambitious for itself. I’ll probably come back to it for the songs I like, and if these recent mini-releases are meant to hype up a bigger project (the long-awaited proper followup to Mysterious Phonk perhaps?), I’d like to think SGP still has a few hits left in him. He’s still willing to talk shit in the comments section of his mixtape, and to me, that says everything I need to know.


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