Monthly Archives: February 2015

Archer Season Six, Episode 6: “Sitting” Review

It’s starting to become clear: baby jokes are here to stay. As the role of Lana and Sterling’s not-love child gets bigger and bigger on the show, we’re now seeing entire episodes about young Abbiejean Kane. This means Archer as a show is now becoming more and more like Two and a Half Men, veering […]

Young Dolph – High Class Street Music 5 (The Plug Best Friend) Review

Trap season doesn’t come with ringing bells, but the clinking of pyrex against a stove top is a familiar sound. Currency, banded either by paper or rubber, stacked high on the stained linoleum.  “Told mama we ain’t never ever goin’ back broke / cuz I ain’t gon’ never ever stop sellin’ dope” proclaims Young Dolph […]

PeeWee Longway – The Blue M&M Vol. II (King Size) Review

The Blue M&M Vol II (King Size) is the latest in a recent slew of mixtape sequels to hit the internet over the past two weeks. It’s common for rappers to drop installments in different series, but lately we’ve seen Juicy J’s Blue Dream and Lean 2, Cyhi the Prynce’s Black History Project 2, Chevy […]

Gucci Mane – Views From Zone 6 EP Review

Views From Zone 6. The title nods at Drake over a styrofoam cup. Released less than two weeks after Brick Factory Vol. 3 (which misleadingly suggested involvement from Lil B, but only foreshadowed the real deal on this EP), this mixtape EP is the umpteenth carceral collection from the East Atlanta firebrand currently serving time […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 5: “Vision Quest” Review

The expression “descent into depravity” gets thrown around a lot, but it describes the structure of “Vision Quest” accurately. On their way to an early morning staff meeting, a broken elevator traps the former ISIS crew. Unable to escape, they burn through twenty minutes fighting with each other. There are people who think “Fly” is […]