Archer Season Six, Episode 5: “Vision Quest” Review

The expression “descent into depravity” gets thrown around a lot, but it describes the structure of “Vision Quest” accurately. On their way to an early morning staff meeting, a broken elevator traps the former ISIS crew. Unable to escape, they burn through twenty minutes fighting with each other.

Plots are for farmers

Plots are for farmers

There are people who think “Fly” is the best episode of Breaking Bad, but I’m reluctant to think anyone will consider “Vision Quest” the best episode of Archer. While an episode of Friends can take place entirely in apartment or an episode of Taxi can take place entirely in the garage, it’s unsettling sitting through an Archer episode with similar constraints. This is a bouncy, energetic, frantic show that revels in car chases, explosions and raging rivers. It makes me tense seeing all the characters confined (and conscious) in a small place, although their patience with each other begins waning faster than my own.

As social order breaks down, none of the characters turn to Locke or Rosseau for guidance. The dearth of food, water and privacy is exacerbated by lots of yelling and miscommunication. Poor cell signals and Ray’s smoking habit further complicate attempts to reconcile differences and find a solution to the problem. Not even Milton can improve the situation.

Distance makes the heart crave a cig bro

Distance makes the heart crave a cig bro

I don’t have much to say about this episode. Not a lot happens and few jokes stuck with me. I liked the non-plot twist at the end as it gives the episode’s title meaning. Beyond that, this seems like the most filler story in the season (perhaps show) to date.


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