Monthly Archives: February 2017

22 Savage – Nothing 2 Live 4 Mixtape Review

22 Savage is a rising star from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who came up as an Instagram comedian before turning his attention to rapping. He recently released his debut mixtape Nothing 2 Live 4, an articulate and thoughtful collection of songs that ranks among the best tapes of the year so far. Having recently switched his moniker […]

Zach Farlow – Over Til It’s Over Mixtape Review

Zach Farlow has been around for a few years, but outside a devoted core fan group, he has not amassed a large following. This might seem surprising, looking at the producers he’s affiliated with: Lex Luger, Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, TM88, and Southside have all made beats for him, the latter two pairing up for […]

Hip-Hop’s State of Affairs: Musings February 2017

My thoughts on this subject aren’t organized, but I feel the need to write about hip-hop in 2017. Today marks the start of February; this first month has flown by, and yet I am already exhausted. The abundance of fashion news I’m bombarded with has left me ¬†reeling from the¬†unprecedented level of exposure. I’m accosted […]