Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot Review


Super groups, am I right? Rarely super and often just in it for the cash grab, these bands have to work harder simply to justify their creators’ use of time; Bloodbath and Twilight are two acts that hit the mark. On their new album, Wherever They May Rot, Sweden’s Cut Up straddles the line between OSDM revival and straight brutal death metal, presenting more arguments in favor of their existence than against.

The lineup for this project is admittedly stacked. While Cut Up does feature three former members of Vomitory, the credentials of these musicians also extends to stints in bands like Nifelheim, Coldworker and God Macabre. The music itself is highly polished, eschewing the aesthetics of modern Swedeath acts in favor of crystal-clear drumming and harsh vocals with almost discernible lyrics (don’t be ashamed to refer to the liner notes). There is a Gothenburg sound to the harmonizing guitars on “Behead the Dead,” while “Vermin Funeral” tries to blend those melodic elements with modern brutal death metal. Sometimes the songs sound a little confused for this mix of elements, but at other times it is organic and vibrant.

The imagery and lyrical themes are quite violent, sometimes in a decidedly misogynistic capacity. Closing track “Raped By The Blade” is particularly gruesome, calling to mind bands like Prostitute Disfigurement and Gorgasm with its profuse sexism. The album art even features the nude corpse of a woman decomposing in a swamp. Though this content is par for the course, any day now would be a great time to stop.

Wherever They May Rot works as an album, and will likely please fans of the genre. Stalwart  metalheads might opt for something a tad more intellectually stimulating; as far as death metal goes, this is relatively accessible stuff. The album is out today on Metal Blade records, and can be streamed for free in its entirety on Bandcamp.


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