Monthly Archives: April 2017

Young Dolph – Bulletproof Review

When an assailant opened fire on Young Dolph’s SUV before a CIAA Weekend performance at the Cameo strip club back in February, the greatest PR moment in the rapper’s career was solidified. One hundred shots rained down on Dolph’s vehicle, but thanks to its bespoke bullet-proofing, none of the car’s occupants were injured. The incident immediately trumped […]

Mucus ‎– Discharge Of The Bleeding Mucus For A Cocktail Of Pus (Reissue) Review

It’s rare that something this fascinating and exciting appears relatively out of nowhere. Mucus, the long-running Belgian grindcore band, have seen fit to reissue their debut album, Discharge of the Bleeding Mucus For A Cocktail Of Pus, on cassette tape, distributed by the members themselves. This is a fitting release for the band’s 20th anniversary, […]

Watching Jackie Chan in HD

Growing up, I was always of aware of Jackie Chan. I was in kindergarten when Rush Hour hit theaters, though my parents were prudent enough to keep me from seeing it. Chan’s “Hollywood” films were, nonetheless, on my radar. VHS rentals during grade school would air trailers for Shanghai Noon and The Medallion; one tape previewed The Tuxedo a dozen years before […]