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Watching Jackie Chan in HD

Growing up, I was always of aware of Jackie Chan. I was in kindergarten when Rush Hour hit theaters, though my parents were prudent enough to keep me from seeing it. Chan’s “Hollywood” films were, nonetheless, on my radar. VHS rentals during grade school would air trailers for Shanghai Noon and The Medallion; one tape previewed The Tuxedo a dozen years before […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 6: “Sitting” Review

It’s starting to become clear: baby jokes are here to stay. As the role of Lana and Sterling’s not-love child gets bigger and bigger on the show, we’re now seeing entire episodes about young Abbiejean Kane. This means Archer as a show is now becoming more and more like Two and a Half Men, veering […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 5: “Vision Quest” Review

The expression “descent into depravity” gets thrown around a lot, but it describes the structure of “Vision Quest” accurately. On their way to an early morning staff meeting, a broken elevator traps the former ISIS crew. Unable to escape, they burn through twenty minutes fighting with each other. There are people who think “Fly” is […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 4: “Edie’s Wedding” Review

  About the new Archer episode. It’s the fourth of the season, and by this time the people responsible for creating the show are making important decisions regarding the current and future status of the program. One such choice is bringing back a certain long-missed “frickin’ cyborg” intent on ending Sterling’s life prematurely, like an […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 3: “The Archer Sanction” Review

Alright, yes. This is the third episode of the season. If those were steps in a person’s run to the finish line, they’d be back on their dominant foot and on the way to the gold. After a shaky wobble in the past two episodes, Archer is beginning to gain some traction, but it’s still […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 2: “Three To Tango” Review

Well, surprise surprise. The show that loves to bring back characters from the past has brought back a character from the past. I won’t reveal too much about this token black Jewish character for fear of dropping unwanted spoilers, but I will say it’s not Christian Slater’s mononymous character Slater, who is neither black nor […]

Archer Season Six, Episode 1: “The Holdout” Review

The rise of ISIS in the Middle East means the demise of ISIS on FX’s hit animated series Archer. Following last season’s “Archer Vice” reboot, in which the former spy agency’s staff shifted their efforts from espionage to narcotics trafficking, the show is now more or less back to where it was, except with the […]