22 Savage is a rising star from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who came up as an Instagram comedian before turning his attention to rapping. He recently released his debut mixtape Nothing 2 Live 4, an articulate and thoughtful collection of songs that ranks among the best tapes of the year so far. Having recently switched his moniker […]

Zach Farlow has been around for a few years, but outside a devoted core fan group, he has not amassed a large following. This might seem surprising, looking at the producers he’s affiliated with: Lex Luger, Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, TM88, and Southside have all made beats for him, the latter two pairing up for […]

My thoughts on this subject aren’t organized, but I feel the need to write about hip-hop in 2017. Today marks the start of February; this first month has flown by, and yet I am already exhausted. The abundance of fashion news I’m bombarded with has left me  reeling from the unprecedented level of exposure. I’m accosted […]

I downloaded Narcoworld, the new mixtape from Dro Fe, on a whim, having never heard of the rapper before. Later, I did my homework; hailing from South Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, Dro Fe has been active for a few years now, releasing NarcoWave 2 at the end of last year and followed that up in June of […]

Maino has been going in for a while now; but why? All external evidence suggests that this ex-con (he served a ten-year stint for kidnapping and was released in ’03) lacks the charisma, flair and technical ability to make it big. His debut album, If Tomorrow Comes…, did pull some good reviews and managed to hit […]

After everything that’s happened since Gucci Mane got out of prison, it’s something of a surprise that it’s taken this long for him to link up with Future and record some new music. The two previously joined forces in 2011 for Free Bricks, a joint mixtape which Gucci mostly carried due to Future’s diminished presence and weak […]

You could be forgiven for not knowing of the Palestinian Canadian hip-hop artist Belly, whose 10th mixtape, Inzombia, was released last Friday. Despite being active for the past fifteen years, Belly’s only studio album came out back in 2007, spawning one serious single (the Ginuwine-featuring “Pressure,” which peaked at #10 on Canada’s Hot 100 chart) over […]